Innovation Platforms

Aiming at the forefront of the scientific and technological innovation, adhering to the concepts of internationalization, specialization, opening professionalization, Shandong Industrial Technology Research Institute has organized the national and provincial platforms from the departments of Shandong University and Shandong Normal University, consolidated the discipline characteristics, superiorities and developing tendencies of materials science, crystallography, chemistry, mechanics, mechanics, optics and electronics, and established the Shandong Crystal Fiber Collaborative Innovation Center in aspects of the construction concept, content, method, means and evaluation.

The established collaborative innovation center will become a novel-type research and development facility for the development in the field of crystalline fiber products, automatic production and detection. The research groups of the center possess international vision and foresight ability. It is the integrated crystallization of the most advantageous resources in the province. The center will focus on the product design, product promotion, monitoring and control of the production line, technology incubation, talent training and quality testing platforms. The accumulation field of high-tech talent will be formed. A series of patented technologies and products that are leading the world or filling the blanks will be formed and become the technical commanding point of the field.